Nut adjustment anti-static collecting rack

keyword: Nut adjustment anti-static collecting rack




◆Overall parameters

Dimensions (L×W×H)mm: 355×320×563

Adjustable width (A.W): 35mm-254mm

Adjustment method: screw adjustment method

Side panel structure: 5 pieces of plug-in board

Base plate material: metal plate

Storage quantity: 50 pieces

Weight: 5.31kg

Reference position: A: 34mm B: 34mm


◆There are 3 options for heat-resistant temperature:

Type A: 120-150℃

Type B: 100-120℃

Type C: Below 100°C


◆Parameters of side plate guide groove

Groove depth: 3.5mm

Slot width: 5mm

Pitch: 10mm


◆Surface resistivity

Static electricity type: <E6Ω

Static dissipative type: E6Ω~E11Ω


◆Internal control resistivity:



◆Internal control volume resistivity:



◆It can be designed, opened and produced according to customer requirements

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