Product name Anti-static collection rack
Product model 9805301Q
Adjustment method Quick adjustment
Specification parameters ●External dimensions: 355*320*563 mm
●Base position: A: 34 mmB: 34 mm
●Adjustable width: 20-250mm
●Groove depth: 3.5mm
●Slot width: 5 mm
●Pitch: 10 mm
●Number of slots: 50
●Weight: 5.6 kg
●Carrier: 20 kg
Product description ◆Baffle mechanism: spring stop lever
◆Static index: 10e4-10e8
◆Side board structure: 5-piece imposition
◆Bottom plate material: metal plate
Temperature resistance options □100℃ □120℃ □150 ℃
Optional accessories □Metal folder
□Stacking screws
□Layer number label
□Anti-sit tag
□Turnover cart (3W-9806101 series)

*Temperature resistance refers to the maximum temperature that the collection rack can withstand the PCB board

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