3W-9805402A( (50-400)*355*350mm)

keyword: 3W-9805402A( (50-400)*355*350mm)




Product name Anti-static tray
Product model 9805402A
Specification parameters ●External dimensions: (50-400)*355*350mm
●Groove depth: 5mm
●Groove width: 3.6mm
●Pitch: 10mm
Number of slots: 32
●Weight:   3.36kg 
Product description
◆Aluminum strip length can be customized according to customer needs
◆Static index: 10e4-10e8
Temperature resistance options mouth 120°C              mouth 150°C
Color customization sanwei       口 sanwei      口 sanwei    口other
Optional accessories mouth side panel

*Temperature resistance refers to the maximum temperature that the collection rack can withstand the PCB board

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